Anja Jamrozik, Ph.D.
Behavioral science consultant working
to improve the built environment

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What do ego depletion, bilingualism, & Easter have to do with how you see this figure?

Find out in this post -- When too much inhibition freezes ducks and bunnies into their perceptual place.

Living labs offer a new way to study people’s interaction with the built environment. Find out more in our new open-access paper in Conscious Cities Journal, No. 2 -- Well Living Lab: A new tool for measuring the human experience in the built environment.

A video of my presentation at the Psychology of Architecture conference is available.

Presenting an invited talk called Designing Healthy and Productive Offices at the Psychology of Architecture conference.

Why are open offices soooo distracting? One reason might be task-related noise. Find out more in this post -- Opening the door to distraction: The open office effect.