Anja Jamrozik Otto, Ph.D.

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In my consulting work, I specialize in optimizing people’s experience in physical environments and integrated digital - physical environments.

To do this, I:

Apply research insights from behavioral science, cognitive science, building science, and human-computer interaction.
Conduct custom research studies using quantitative and qualitative methods.

I distill research findings into actionable solutions to inform the spatial design, services, and products within an environment.

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I’ve worked with companies to answer questions like:
 What’s great about our (physical/digital) environment? What’s terrible about it? How can we improve those things?
 What the heck are customers doing in our (physical/digital) environment? Why?
 What kind of new features, services, or products do our customers want? Which ones would they pay a premium for?
 How can we apply research to develop a new (physical/digital) environment or product?